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Video Content Creation for Noobs

by | Aug 24, 2020 | 0 comments

As a Digital Marketer, I’ve faced the situation where clients ask if I could do a quick video for them, but Video Content Creation is not really my thing, I am an audio guy, ergo I am a Noob, Newbie, or scraping by when it comes to creating a video.

However I do have to admit that I decided to jump in the wagon when I realized that this was a sought after service clients would be asking me.

So I jumped in the wagon and decided to spend time researching the best possible tools and software for the best prices.

Equipment for Video Content Creation

Video Content Creation for Noobs 1
DJI OSMO Mobile 3
Video Content Creation for Noobs 2

When i was looking for gear/equipment I wanted something small, versatile, and that could truly help me achieve amazing shots, wether close-up, medium distance, active, or for landscapes.

I started watching many videos on YouTube and found something in common, they had a Gimbal, so while they were walking or moving the video wouldn’t look so shakey.

That’s when I found the DJIJ OSMO Mobile 3 and after reading the reviews, I was confident about the purchase.

Video Content Creation for Noobs 3
Nikon D3500
Video Content Creation for Noobs 4

This Nikon D3500 is an amazingly good camera, with great reviews, at a reasonable price point for beginners.

You can have it set for Auto or all the Manual Functionalities the Professional Photographers use.

Video Content Creation for Noobs 5
iPhone XR (2018)

The cool thing beside photos , it does record video and can record in 60fps, 1080p, and the quality is quite nice.

My iPhone XR has surprised and surpassed my expectations. It’s the “low-end” model from 2018 which I got on 2019, because I don’t like how the 2019 model looks – that’s another conversation which I won’t get into here.

I can record 60fps and 4K in this iPhone which allows to me to take great video and pictures with proper lightning, patience, and not just expecting to snap just one picture and hope it will go viral.

Yes, I take many pictures and videos making sure I have plenty to choose from and can create great content.

Video Software

I use a Mac Mini 2018 or Macbook Pro 2017, and they do bring iMovie but I felt like I needed to have a more professional software to use

Many people use the Adobe Suite Creative Cloud, but I am allergic to monthly payments for software. I prefer the good old “pay me for the license and get what you pay for” in most cases.

Black Magic is one of the best companies for video creation and they have DaVinci Resolve for editing.

While there is the Professional App for $299.99, which is a great price point, I have the free version and so far it has worked amazing for my purposes, again I am not a video guy but an audio guy.

You can download the Software from the page or through this link

Results for Video Content Creation

For the first time ever, I am sharing content I Video Content I created notifying I was behind it.

Since I tend to be my own worst critic, I rarely share anything I create, but says the guy who’s writing a blog and creates content for clients, ironic is it not?

Navarro Supermarket

Navarro Supermarket is a small community supermarket who signed up for my services for Digital Marketing at the beginning of March.

When the COVID-19 Lockdown happened in Puerto Rico we decided to create awareness of health, the services, and offers.

Since then we have made three videos.

Navarro Supermarket Thanks

The main purpose of this video was to show support for Navarro Supermarket employees, boosting their morale and showcasing them as heroes because of their commitment as well letting the community know of our commitment (compromiso) goes on.

I recorded this only using my iPhone XR without any other type of equipment, just made sure that I would not shake so much.

Edited in DaVinci Resolve 3 on my Mac Mini with 8GB of RAM. I have upgraded to 32GB since June.

The results were great and brought more customers to make their purchases at the store.

Sales incremented almost a 300%

Making of ‘La Creación’

I proposed doing a video of how their signature sandwich ‘La Creación’ was made.

This was recorded on my iPhone XR and using the DJI Osmo Mobile 3.

What they used to sell in two weeks now they sell in a day thanks to this video

‘La Creación’ has not only become their signature but one of the most sought after sandwiches in the area of Bo. Navarro, Gurabo, Puerto Rico.

Latin Gyros

I am a bit biased here with Latin Gyros mainly because I am a HUGE fan of their brunch and menu.

Located in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, it is one of the best places to enjoy brunch, Gyros, Lamb Chops, Steaks, and Ribs and if you are Vegan, they have options for you as well.

Chef Falu is a one of a kind Entrepreneur who enjoys making delicious dishes.

Making of a Gyro

The Gyro is one of the people’s favorite items in Latin Gyros menu.

So I decided to show them how it was made.

Here’s the result

This video technically went viral compared to the previous posts, text and images or simply text.

The result was selling out all of the lamb meat and chicken available for the day.

It was recorded on my iPhone XR with the DJI OSMO Mobile 3 and edited in DaVinci Resolve 3.


Who doesn’t love pancakes for Breakfast or French Toast?

So we showed them how amazing are those pancakes and french toast.

This video has been the most successful so far and it led to more awareness, more customers, traffic, engagement and share in the Facebook and Instagram pages.

We reached 3.2k 10seconds views with this video, and impacting the sales of breakfast in the following days.

How to Start creating Video Content

Honestly, I find inspiration in social media, mainly on Instagram then jump to YouTube and check for shot tips and tricks.

I shared my equipment here so you have a starting point but honestly, just with your phone you can accomplish great things.

The main thing to have in consideration is “Why”.

Why, How & and What should always be your starting points when creating content.

Having the Why, the end result (i.e. sales of service)

How, through this explanation video, video ad, tutorial video, etc.

What, the call to action.

This is my recipe and how it has work for me but certainly not the only way.

I do recommend having bullet points and milestones so you are aware of the progress of the video creation. It will save you time and will make have a peace of mind that will be transferred to the client, coming across as confidence, thus you being stress free.

Have any comments, ideas, or anything you’d like to share?

Leave me a comment here or reach out on Twitter or Instagram

‘Til next time,



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