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Top 7 Must Read Books for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

by | Dec 3, 2018 | 0 comments

Recently I decided to take the plunge and take a certification I had been putting off for 6 years. Today was my first day of class. Throughout the day many terms and lessons from many books were mentioned and it felt great to know that I had read the books and was familiar with the terms, concepts, and practices of thought leaders and experts in the industries of marketing, business, copywriting, and other areas. Here are my top 10 choices and what I believe are books that would make a great gift for this holiday season for a loved one.

Atomic Habits

Improvement and quitting old habits is difficult. But making changes even when they are just a 1% increment each day are great. This book has made me realize things that are so simple but crucial and I’ve been missing them for years. It’s time I get good rest and eat healthily.

Company of One

Paul Jarvis is a great source of knowledge and I have mentioned him on a previous blog post on 3 Reasons to Build Community. His upcoming book, Company of One is about business success and if that means growth of efficiency. Check out his website for more details about his giveaway  

Start with Why

Before you start doing anything, ask yourself: why are you doing it. Why would you do it? Why would it matter? Why? Start with Why by Simon Sinek is such a powerful book. It not only takes you from point a to z on how to find the reason to make things happen in your company, teams, divisions, but it also puts in perspective that everything in the world has to have a reason that connects and resonates with people emotionally so it succeeds. From Martin Luther King Jr., The Dwight Brothers, Apple, and even Project Management. We need to have a clear why we are doing the things we are. If we do not, more than likely, we are setting ourselves, to stumble, lose time, energy, resources, and perhaps, fail. This is an excellent book for leaders and entrepreneurs alike.  

Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

How many times you would like to shoot straight and give feedback to people? Tell someone that they are not doing things the right way and need to pull their weight. Radical Candor is the term used when you want to be honest, straightforward but with that professional TLC that enables development and provide actionable plan to make people become accountable to their own growth as well as yourself because you are leading them.  

Disrupters: Success Strategies from Women Who Break the Mold

Women in the workforce have marked the difference in so many ways. But still, there is a vast difference in how we treat, promote, support, train, invest, lead, pay and most of all, respect them. Dr. Fletcher goes very in-depth into this and many other subjects that I had never thought of. I caught myself with what I call “toxic thoughts” that would not add value to the workforce and mainly are not the ones I would like to bestow upon my daughter. I personally recommend this book so we all start creating awareness in ourselves and in our workplaces and communities that we need to have equal treatment, respect and pay to all workers, no matter their gender.  

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

Becoming a Navy Seal is the hardest and most difficult thing any human being in this plant can do. It’s not about physical training. Although that will help. It’s not about survival but that will help. It’s not about combat skills, shooting, strength, or recommendations. None of that. It’s about owning the task, the moment, the unit, the project, the mission, the wins, the losses, victories, mistakes. Extreme Ownership taught me that in order to be a good leader, you must own the tools, teams, and resources you have been given and deal with them. No matter what. Do you have the losing team? Turn them to a winning team? Do you have the winning team? Turn them to the champion team. Do you have the champion team? Turn them into the two-time back to back winning champions. Did you make a mistake that cost dearly to the company, the team, the unit? Did it cost a life? Own it. Does it hurt? Yes, it does. But it is the right thing to do and shows one of the greatest strength most people will not do but true leaders show and their followers will respect: courage. This book inspired me and it is one of the best reads for any leader and entrepreneur or project manager out there.

The Art of Work

Author Jeff Goins portrays in a very eloquent and simple manner that we need to bridge our current state and work towards the goal of where we want to be and develop our true self. Our work should be our craft and not just a job that we do to get a paycheck but something that is as meaningful as that song that when it plays makes us feel like we are 17 years old all over again. Taking leaps of faith, jumping or quitting your job and running into the arms of destiny because it feels right, while irresponsible, is also not the right way. If a bridge is not built, you’re gonna fall. Bridging the gap is the correct way. Finding your calling is the one most important thing that we can do. Hence, the art of work. Hope this blog post inspires you to pick up one of this books, or re-read them if you have any of them. Gift one to a family member or someone in your community that is starting a business and you would like to invest in them.  


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