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TikTok Ban & Why there shouldn’t be only one

by | Aug 3, 2020 | 0 comments

The current topic in almost every social media platform, trending because of the recent developments in regards to privacy is asking people: Are you Team Instagram or Team Tik Tok? 

Which one are you


Having your own distribution platform, where you can brand it, customize it, share it, develop it, and grow it as you may see fit is the main goal everyone should be striving for.

I always have this conversation with my customers whenever we start talking about Platforms, Ownership, Digital Marketing plans, Social Media, Websites, etc.

My explanation is always the same: It’s not the same renting a house than owning a house because you never know when the landlord will ask you to move, raise the rent, or if they will all of a sudden stop maintaining the place when the water heater is broken, there’s a gas leak of sorts, the stove is not working, or you need an exterminator.

Your own platform, be it your website, is the backbone of your Digital Marketing and should what everything points towards when creating your Digital Marketing strategy.

Your Website is your home, where curation, information, education, and explanation of:

  • Who you are
  • Where you are
  • How to get in contact
  • Why should people pay attention to you
  • What is it that you do – choose your own order for the message.

Social Media Platforms

I have written about the benefits of Social Media Platforms and how they can really help work as spread the message to your target audience using tools catered for that platform, with a message that resonates for that channel in particular without losing your branding.

Writing for Facebook and Twitter could be the same, but content for Instagram is different and Tik Tok is completely a whole other game/universe if you will, mainly because Tik Tok is Video itself.

I like to think of Social Media Platforms as the bait, or cookie crumbs trail one leave so others can find your own platform and consume your content there.

But when it comes now to the situation of losing Tik Tok because it may be banned, how likely will this affect people?

Team Tik Tok

I actually have a Tik Tok account and have published two video max (pretty sure it was only one though.

Funny thing is that I shared it immediately to Instagram and got more traffic and DMs from it on Instagram rather than Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is a great platform for challenges and it became pretty popular with the dances as well as funny things that people do such as pranks, genius videos fille with editing techniques, and celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez making dances with A-Rod and their kids.

Many new influencers were born thanks to Tik Tok and became quite the household name in the platform, but they forgot the old saying “don’t put all your eggs on one basket,” which they didn’t and now they see a threat to their popularity, digital marketing strategy, and perhaps even their business model because they started monetizing on Tik Tok.

Some people would still share everything to Instagram though, but they wouldn’t cater to it as much as they did Tik Tok or they would just do simple things and ask people to jump over to Tik Tok, which is what they should do but at the same time have an owned platform.

Team Instagram

I consider myself Team Instagram, thus I am a bit biased here but I will get to the main point I am trying to drive here in a bit.

Most of the time I am in the app whether it is because of business or pleasure – I manage 12 accounts so it is mainly business though.

But the versatility I find on Instagram is way different than Facebook, Twitter (which I love), LinkedIn which I enjoy, and Tik Tok.

Instagram has been the social media network that grew from the photography niche all the way to the rich content platform where it has taken the best practices of the other platforms and build on top of it.

One of the great things about it is, even though it is Facebook-owned, it still feels interdependent, having its own identity formed by its users.

Team Co-op

The funny thing about the whole Instagram versus Tik Tok is the fact that you could share the video over to your Instagram, and other platforms, and have the content spread quite easily.

Still, as I said before, many became dependent on just one platform because of results, forgetting the others and now that they see a threat from the US Government, they are scared.

Whenever I create marketing plans, strategies, or content, I always tend to think about the ways I can use that piece of content and share in as many social media platforms as I can with the unique message that is for that target audience (LinkedIn), characters limits (Twitter), Be captivating (Instagram) and provide context as well as everything mentioned before (Facebook) so not only I get a like, things up, but an engagement of clicking on that URL, coming to my website (My Own Platform) and getting a comment of the content itself.

So when I create content and my strategy, there might be some content that I know it just won’t work on that platform, still, I share it because you never know the reach, reactions, and engagements it might receive. Sometimes Twitter algorithm smiles at me when I do live video, while sometimes it is Instagram that helps but one sone blue moons Facebook’s Algo blesses me.

I like to see things as Interdependent and how everything is a Co-opetition, something I learned from Arie Levy-Cohen (CFO and Producer of Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain) where the synergy of how everything is tied and can share knowledge, energy, resources, time, efforts, can help further causes and make plans executable in many great ways.

Should there be only one?

Any Highlander fans?



I will not claim myself as the expert in this subject matter as I have a very particular way of doing it that goes against everything you may read and the best practices of what many brands, gurus, experts and such do recommend.

But recently I did a Webinar and was hired as a consultant for a private firm in Puerto Rico to create materials for Digital Marketing and the importance of developing your own platform.

I typed almost 3,000 words, detailing and explaining everything regarding the platforms, the strategies, the importance of the website, timing, technology, organization…but we felt like there wasn’t a “Eureka moment.”

This resulted in me doing what I do best…procrastinating.

Well not exactly, I decided to step away and start working on other things when all of a sudden I had an Idea.

As a 90s kid I grew up with the Power Rangers, Mazinger, Voltron, and other shows which involved machines combining to form a Super Robot and since I had already mentioned that your Website, is the sping of your platform and marketing, I immediately went to my mind map and created this image in my head.

Mikel Martinez Marketing Figure
The robot is Voltron. Now part of Dreamworks. I do not own this image but it is used for educational purposes

Here is the result

This was my Eureka moment

After the Webinar, I received many comments of people stating they finally got how everything ties together when creating their own platform and how to properly create their digital marketing plan.

If you’d like me to go more in detail about this image please leave a comment.

Hope this is useful for you.

Until next time



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