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Three tools to be a high achiever entrepreneur

by | Oct 24, 2018 | 0 comments

Engaging whether it is software, gadgets, headphones, applications, smartphones or computers, I am always researching and trying new things. I like my software to be unique an great while easy to use and fully functional, my gadgets to be as cool and sexy looking as the new isomething, and my gear to be as sleek looking as a CyberPunk fantasy game.

In the past three years I have researched, purchased, tested, and used many products that are truly remarkable. In today’s post I will be focusing on some of my favorite day to day gadgets that allow me to perform my best.

Full Focus Planner

Three tools to be a high achiever entrepreneur 1
Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner
I used to just trust that everything I needed to do was in my big ol’ head. But with so much going on in it, so many distractions of social media, instant messaging, being a social media/community/ project manager and being constantly available for around 18hrs a day, plus being a dad, things can fall apart quite easily. Michael Hyatt is the “Internet’s Mentor” helping every one learned how to maximize their time. I first began developing the habit of using a planner from a another brand. When I saw the Full Focus Planner I thought it was going to be interesting. To my surprised I was able to not only plan the day, but plan the Week, the Quarter, and set goals for the year. You can visit the site There are different buying options for the planner program I can honestly say that in order to not cheat yourself, buy the annual subscription. As you will get the real value and money’s worth of everything you can learn from it. Trust me. I bought one stand alone, and two weeks later, I was full of regret. So I waited a month until I could purchase the annual subscription. The biggest achievement I have being able to do with this journal was start to get myself organized to do my job as efficiently as possible, so I could save time spend with my family, focus on my health and move on to start new projects. I hope you find value on this planner and join the many entrepreneurs and people who have achieve more thanks to it.


We all need tools. Organization, project management, calendars, cards, and many other views that can help us propel tasks, businesses, teams, or simply be able to plan the party for your five year old without borderline loosing the sanity. You want to know your budget vs expenses? What is left to do? What has been paid in full, not paid, or just a deposit? A Timeline of everything in one place without having to go all around the email, notes, notebooks, scratch papers and many tools? Airtable is the one for you. Here is a quick intro video so you can see what I am talking about:
From Help Section
Three tools to be a high achiever entrepreneur 2
This is my current  Layout of my Airtable Divided into personal and professional aspects. My Podcasts base is my go to so I can keep track of everything that is being or needs to be done such as editing, transcripts, social media sharing or if it is done. There are many templates and one of my favorites from a social media manager stand point are the editorial calendar ones. Many big companies prefer to use Airtable because of the great efficiency to actually make this work. There is the web version, Desktop Download, iPhone or Android App, iPad as well.  Click here to start using it today!

Crowdfire App

I have used the big names in Social Media handling applications. The ones that have come out of nowhere and the ones that have come and gone. One thing is obvious, it is extremely expensive to use the apps and their free versions are filled with limitations that make you wonder “what’s the point?” Recently I discovered Crowdfire App and fell in love with the simplicity and the great usage. I like reading and sharing what I find it to be interesting. The message in Facebook is one, how I address people in Twitter is another, LinkedIn I act as professional and courteous as I can be and in Instagram is where I abused the hashtags and have the most fun. Different tones, same messages all from the same place. CrowdFire let’s you connect your accounts on social media, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn; then you add your interest in topics, and you can share articles right from the app and it let’s you control how many posts per day will you do on each network. One of the challenges is that Twitter is very fast paces while Facebook not so much, Instagram things disappear as quick as they get created. So you want to stay as relevant as you possibly can with the followers and audience on that network. It also lets you connect your blog so as you as you post something it’s in the app and you can then proceed to share it with the audience. Instagram is tricky because of how the application is but it’s nothing that’s not manageable with to taps on your phone.
Three tools to be a high achiever entrepreneur 3
Here is a screenshot of one of the very cool features you can enjoy. Know your audience. Who follows you, what’s is trending, who is your fan, and even do a Friend Check. That one was surprisingly fun. This helps asses your strategy and work to move away or with the current message and the results of your work as they reflect on your followers. To begin using CrowdFire App click here On my next recommendation I will be sharing gear itself. The bags, microphones, headphones, both bluetooth and noise-cancelling, among other things that I can not leave my house with.
As a fan of Rock music, while writing this article, I was rocking out to some Queen songs from Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack) of the biopic.
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