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The new Alpha for Mikel

by | Oct 8, 2018 | 0 comments

Every day it presents itself with new opportunities and chances to make things that propel us as individuals, to move beyond the comfort zones. Success is not something that is mailed to you, lands in your favor, or is just given as a git with a nice bow. Success is built. 

But the success in 2018 is very different from the one I thought it was back in 2010. Success is no longer a going solo thing. Success is actually achieve with an audience, a community, a tribe of people talking, engaging and inspiring. 

It is always inspirational to see people come together and share their experience as we would do when invited to dinner and someone would bring a casserole, the dessert, and entré, or the side. 

For a while I have been looking for the right moment to begin a couple of projects that I have been postponing for a greater part of the last decade. But I realized it is time to make things happen and it’s best to do so right now. 

Mikel Media is that. I have many passions, many dreams and interest to just conform to one thing only. I want to write music, but I also want to play and record it. I love technology but I also want to promote and talk about it. Love attending to concert and live events but I also get a kick of producing them. Mikel Media allows me to have a Portfolio Life from Jeff Goins. 

Also, now I can manage through Mikel Media, other aspects that interest me, such as my book and future band. 

Join me in the journey of this new tribe. Whether small, big, medium, the amount of people will enjoy the ride and will benefit from everyone in it.

See you all in the blockchain. 



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