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Reels on Instagram for Digital Marketing

by | Aug 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Instagram has release the new feature of Reels and this is a new opportunity for Digital Marketing for anyone…REALLY!

Why should you consider using Reels on Instagram as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Reels

Instead of Pictures, or videos, Reels are in the 9:16 or Vertical type video format which allows you to quickly record something divided by sections.

Just like stories, which are only 15 seconds long, reels allow you to share anything with your audience, and depending on the account type you have, add music to the reel or use your own audio, which this last is the great thing about it.

Reels live in almost their own timeline, just like Facebook watch which is all about videos.

You can add the hashtags, tag people on the video or in the text when sharing the Reel, and this is a new way of creating content.

But the big question is…

Why should I use it?

How could this help me and my brand?

What advantage could I gain from using it?

Original Audio

I’m sure you have seen the challenges where there is one song playing such as Blinding Lights by The Weeknd where people were dancing using this song and using a specific hashtag.

This is a great way for a song to go viral and with each play gain popularity and perhaps the artist make money through a Music Distributor.

Now what if you had a podcast and a guest said something hilarious that people like?

Well that could be a reel and people could use that original audio and do an ad-lib, using your hashtag, mentioning you and allowing you to grow beyond your current audience.


Through the Reels and Original Audio you can create challenges where people could create amazing content using a predetermined hashtag by you so everything can be track.

One of my clients released a parody version song of ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Here is the original song

Here is Sushi Kytto Bar’s version

So what can we do in this case?

We can take parts of the song, such as the chorus, and create a Reel so people could use the audio, and make their own reels and that would allow us to grow awareness and increase our reach.

Mainly if we create a challenge and a giveaway, people love free things, and it is incredibly fun to watch as family members come together to do videos.

What now?

Well, think about how to use Reels and take advantage of them.

Perhaps the original audio it’s not the main thing but you could surely use it for your Digital Marketing strategy.

You can check Social Media Examiner’s Instagram Reels: What Marketers Need to Know for further inspiration.

I am always looking for the new features and how could this potentially benefit content creation for either my clients, myself or Mikel Media as a whole.

Just like Stories, Reels is definitely a way to appeal to different audiences and keep the engagement high, boost the reach, and reinforce your brand allowing your creativity to flow and at the very least do a trial and error to see how this could be implemented in your Instagram.

Simply put, this is one of the things that TikTok had which made it so popular, and now its on the most popular Social Media channel for anyone to use and not have to keep spreading thin across so many channels, which can be tiresome.

Let me know how you use Reels and send them my way on Instagram @mikelmedia.

‘Til next time



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