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Pushing Forward: The Mindset for the Professional Chameleon

by | May 28, 2019 | 0 comments

Ever since 2015, when I read the Art of Work by Jeff Goins, my mentality towards many things changed, mainly what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to become a writer, an entrepreneur and I coined the term Professional Chameleon to describe myself as a person who is talented and excels in many areas without compromising who he really is.

For me being a man of my word and not losing my integrity is key. With this being said, I realized that I needed there were many thoughts in my mind I needed to change, and habits that needed to be uninstalled – this term comes from Michael Hyatt.

So I needed to renew my mindset and start fresh. I came across many things over the internet but all were about overcoming the impostor syndrome, hustling until you make it, dress for the job you want, etc. Then, I decided it was time to make my own.

Pushing Forward

One always has to be forward thinking and not backward. Living in the past will result produce new results but rather keep you stuck. Acting and living in the now knowing that all the actions will impact the future is the correct way. It is not a matter of doing things perfectly. It’s about doing the best we can to further ourselves, our goals, and those of our business and career into something more meaningful and successful. Mistakes might happen but as long as we don’t quit, they are not failures, they are lessons.

Pushing Forward is meant for the individuals who want and demand more from themselves because they want to go beyond their comfort zone while understanding they are not the general managers of the universe.

Pushing Forward is thinking positively, with ethics and integrity always in place so we can do all the things we propose without sabotaging, hurting, damaging, or hurting anyone with our actions. This is key! We can not be Forward Thinkers, and even less believe we have integrity if we cheat, cut corners, lie, mislead, manipulate other people to further our personal agenda. “Sometimes you got to lose to know how to win.” – Dream On by Steven Tyler from Aerosmith

Pushing Forward is about connecting, leading, caring, mentoring, and coaching others to further this way of thinking so we can grow as a body, as a network of individuals that understand we want the world to be bigger than just what we have right now. Even if today is great, tomorrow will be better. Even if you’ve had the best year ever, next year will be even better.

Pushing Forward is about looking for positive things, having a bright lookout in our lives, and knowing that there is nothing in better than being a kind human being towards others while restraining the criticism, complaining, and plain old negativity from our life. When we focus on the good things, this will set things in motion in a ways that, just like a train going at full speed, it will not be easy to stop.


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