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Powerful National Small Business Week Amid Pandemic

by | May 4, 2020 | 0 comments

Today, on the 4th of May, we can celebrate a couple of things.

Star Wars day, May the 4th be with you always and National Small Business Week.

As a digital marketer who specializes in working with small business owners such as, distributors, restaurants, insurance brokers, hardware stores, accountants, pharmacies, I have seen very closely everything that they have had to deal with since the very beginning of the year because of the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, followed by the COVID-19 quarantine.

Small Business owners in Puerto Rico are among a special elite group committed to helping the customers, their communities, their cities, towns, municipalities, neighbors, and any Boricua they can.

After Hurricane Maria, without any power at all, food shortages, and too many struggles to mention – there were many – the small businesses were the first line of defense and the ones able to provide food, water, ice, essentials.

During the earthquakes that began on December 28th, 2019 in Guanica, on the south of the island, many decided to donate and even take supplies for those in need.

Now in the midst of the COVID-19, they have been faced with another struggle.

Friends who own businesses in New York, Florida, Los Angeles, Austin, are facing the decision of closing their doors and killing their dreams, laying-off employees, asking for loans, or playing it by ear, day-to-day.

It’s not easy being a small business owner right now.

What can one do in the midst of all of this?

Here are three suggestions.


Everyone is on social media, and yes almost every single business is doing digital marketing.

But instead of having your regular menu do some work and verify:

  • What are the main things people order?
  • How much does it cost you?
  • Could there be a shortage of this?
  • Is it cost-effective for you?
  • Prep-Time

Knowing and understanding this could help you create a simpler menu you could actually promote during this time and make them as a daily special so you can prepare beforehand and know what it is that you will be working and focusing on.

It has worked wonders for two of my clients since people are looking for specials.

Be Fun & Educational

I always like to tell people, do something for others since 80% of a social media account could/should be information, entertainment, discussion, and 20% sales.

Try to provide information, tips, and tricks based on what type of business you are.

Pharmacies could provide health capsules based on the needs of patients in their communities. What are the best things to do if the person is a patient of diabetes for example?

Calorie intake and light dishes for restaurants are a good topic.

Gyms, Trainers, and Yoga instructors have been able to take advantage of social media to continue offering their classes.

Accountants have been able to provide Live events proving information, answering questions, and even filing your own taxes while still saying, if you have doubts, I am here for you.

Be of Value

Nothing says you are a good person, entity, or business than being a person of value.

“Do not try to become a person of success but try to become a person of value.” – Albert Einstein

Value goes far beyond money, wealth, clothes, cars, watches, cellphones, real state.

Value is showing people empathy when they need it.

Value is providing support even when in the direst of situations.

Value is facing the hardest situations, even while being afraid, but understanding that this too shall pass and from it, a lesson will be learned.

A message to small business owners

Small Business has been the heroes when tough situations throughout the country happen and the one who has said, United we stand.

We are faced with an unprecedented reality, from which there will be a new normal.

Nothing will go back to what it was and everything will be from this and moving forward.

While it may seem that there is no hope, there is.

Small Business has always been the go-to for many when looking for essentials, food, jobs.

Small businesses created the middle-class and help the economy of countries, mainly in Puerto Rico and the United States of America.

Small Business has been the heroes when tough situations throughout the country happen and the one who has said, United we stand.

Small businesses have fought corporations to level the playfield so everyone can benefit.

Thanks to small business the Business to Business, B2B, is a reality and it keeps towns having a sustainable economy and growth.

Small Business owners have united and created chambers of commerce such as the one from Gurabo, which is composed of amazing people with great businesses, and a high-caliber of individuals committed to the development of their town.

I believe that, like a Phoenix, From the Ashes We Will Rise.

This is your week, go on and celebrate yourself, your team, your goals, your wins, your successes.

No matter how little you feel you’re doing, right now every day counts.

If you or anyone you know needs help with digital marketing, strategy, branding, project management, you can book a free consultation with me

Until next time,



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