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Sushi Kytto Bar

Sushi Kytto Bar was about to enter it’s 7th year of business and wanted to incorporate a better more robust website that would showcase their brand and spirit.

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Digital Marketing Presence

Latin Gyros was a well known restaurant in the Luquillo area for locals in the island. However entering their 2nd year of operations it was time for scaling to a new client: tourist. 

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Leadership School INtroduction

TRV Group needed to create its brand, strategy for digital marketing and develop a platform that would allow them to start delivering their message from Puerto Rico to the US market. 

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From Analog to Digital

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Brand & Digital Marketing

Navarro Supermarket had been open under new administration for almost two years but the perception was that it still was the same old situation. A change in brand, message, and communication was needed. 

Portfolio 6

IndieHackers PR

A community of developers, entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts hacking ideas together for the betterment of Puerto Rico. Mikel Media’s founder, Mikel Martínez, is a contributing member of this project and its ongoing development. 


We Work With Different Industries and size business

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Wow, what can I say. Mikel stepped up during the Covid 19 crisis and offered his services and time for free to help my small business not only survive but grow during this challenging time.

Mikel is extremely knowledgeable about Web Design for Converting, creating email marketing systems and funnels, utilization of micro content to drive traffic and so much more.

If you are in need of help with branding, positioning, marketing, social media or web design for your business, I highly encourage you to have a conversation with Mikel, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Shad WHeeler


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