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How Apps, Heroes & Entrepreneurs are the same

by | Feb 20, 2019 | 0 comments

While Coopetition is a term initially used in the financial industry, this concept has quickly been adopted by tech companies, entrepreneurs and you can find it as great examples in superhero movies genre.

I have written before about cooperating in 3 Reasons to Build Community and Building Community, in which I expressed the importance of working together for a common goal, how strong that project, the entity could grow and become with the unison of people around them and how these community members become your family, you innovators, early adopters, and word-of-mouth marketing bringing in people organically so the growth of the idea spreads like a virus…in a good way.

Creating your own League or Super Group

We know of Avengers, Justice League, Fantastic Four, X-Men and even the Power Rangers in someway…also Guardians of the Galaxy of course! These heroes get together because each of them has unique qualities that together make them a powerhouse to take down the common enemy facing any situation and beating the odds. Of course, this is fantasy.

Applications and software have integrations, APIs and webhooks that allow them to interact, talk to each other by sharing data from one platform to another. Just like we as humans do when we visit a different household, state, country, continent. We learn the culture, the says, expressions, dos and don’ts etc.

Entrepreneurs have a very unique way of seeing things. They each possess a mental strength and a state of mind that sets them apart from the others. We know that salt has an effect and sugar has another. But sometimes mixing them both add a unique flavor or exalts the other based on the ratio you have of one over the other.

Go to Twitter and follow a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, author. Through them, you will get into their community and learn about other authors, bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs. They support each other in their own ventures, businesses and courses they are launching and feature each other in their books, newsletters, and podcasts. They each have their own brand but you start taking them more seriously when you realize that someone like Seth Godin writes a recommendation for their book or Tony Robbins talks about them in his Twitter or Instagram.

They cooperate with each other, integrate their brands, their philosophies, influence, reach, marketing efforts and fuse their communities to create something better and more appealing: Unique Value Proposition. It’s no wonder when you hear about conferences in which two or more of these entrepreneurs who know each other participate, the value and price makes sense. Ask Jeff Goins with his Tribe Conference, sadly enough, this year will be the last one.

The Avengers were formed to fight the world’s most dangerous enemies. The guardians of the galaxy were rebels in the space united by a common foe and situation. The Justice League was created because the need to battle an invasion coming to planet earth. None of the heroes lost their own identity or franchise by belonging in the new group they joined.

Most of the of the applications nowadays have a way of entertainment and social sharing so you can let everyone else know what you are doing and interact with them. The same can be said with the entrepreneurs and businesses nowadays striking deals and adding value while each continuing on their own path.

So what’s next?

I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that we are seeing the birth of the real power of the internet where people instead of thinking individually are thinking collectively and how one situation can affect a person, group, community, society as whole positive or negatively.

We can create much more when we collaborate and work together in an united front rather than thinking that it’s “Me vs The World.” Because even when society, the town, and many people have turned down outcasts, outlaws, and such, there is someone that will believe and follow you for what you are doing. The rap group NWA is a great example of that.

Always look for those who are willing to walk along with you so you can build solid foundations for yourself and together and grow in each of your own path.

Join me in my new community for Entrepreneurs. Let’s build our own League.

See you all in the blockchain



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