Reels on Instagram for Digital Marketing

Why should you consider using Reel from Instagram as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

Video Content Creation for Noobs

Video Content creation can seem scary but it can be fun, easy, and incredibly cheap. Learn how.

Google Web Stories para tu Digital Marketing

Google acaba de lanzar su Google Web Stories plug-in para Wordpress y se encuentra en la fase Beta. En los últimos años hemos visto cómo en las redes sociales se utilizan los Stories para Digital Marketing ya sea como entretenimiento, challenges, interacción, ventas,...
Building Community

Building Community

The biggest development in communities came with the very now famous white paper of Bitcoin. It created a movement and provided people something to believe in that was not tangible, personified, unified nor centralized. It was meant for everyone and those who wanted to participate in it, developers,  miners, traders, HODLers, and even haters who wanted to attempt to bash it. 

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