Reels on Instagram for Digital Marketing

Why should you consider using Reel from Instagram as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing ¿Cómo hacerlo tras Covid-19?

El Digital Marketing es y ha sido la clave del éxito para muchos antes el COVID-19. ¿Que hacemos ahora tras la nueva era del COVID-19? Hablemos de las estrategias que puedes hacer.

3 Lecciones Aprendidas de mi primer Digital Summit

Ante la situación del COVID-19 decidí adelantar la agenda en ciertas cosas que queria lograr en este 2020 tales como dar Webinars, hablar en Público más, conectar con gente fuera de Puerto Rico y Estados Unidos, y desarrollar esa area que tanto me apasiona que es el...
Building Community

Building Community

The biggest development in communities came with the very now famous white paper of Bitcoin. It created a movement and provided people something to believe in that was not tangible, personified, unified nor centralized. It was meant for everyone and those who wanted to participate in it, developers,  miners, traders, HODLers, and even haters who wanted to attempt to bash it. 

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I Love Writing Day

I Love Writing Day

Every November 15th, since 2002, we celebrate I love to write day thanks to Mr. John Riddle. I learned about this day just recently and it was extremely interesting to me. So I decided to share some of my thoughts about the importance of writing and what I have discovered about it.

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