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Blockchain: Movement or Technology?

by | Dec 3, 2018 | 0 comments

New technological advancements happen every day. Smartphones, chips, tablets, cameras, lenses, processors. Ever since the print was invented we have been creating machines that have created an impact on our society, changing industries, working conditions, economies, and jobs.

While productivity and efficiency is in most cases beneficial for companies, it is not so for the workforce as it reduces the need for man labor. Thus impacting the need manpower.

But this time around with Blockchain technology it is different. Society is the one making the changes in technology and not the way around. Instead of creating devices that enable and facilitates the same behaviors from the past, it looks to reward participants, ambassadors, trustees, validators, stakeholders through sets of rules defined by a governance define in a democratic whitepaper than when needed will be vote on so it can be upgraded for the better of the community as an overall.

This in itself is a movement more than just a technology as expressed by Consensys CEO Joseph Lubin on his Tweet from December 1st:

Not only because he says so but because in the year and a half that I have been participating, engaging, learning and working in this space, there’s been many people that have moved away from the conversations from price and just tech development, although yes they are building technology, and have begun talking about the improvement and the impact that it could have in communities, the economy in third world countries. The transparency could bring to industries such as pharmaceutical, entertainment, healthcare, food distribution and manufacturing among many others as well as save millions of dollars in energy consumption by maintaining the efficiency of correct usage.

Accountability and ownership would be something that companies would have to exercise every day and on the blockchain, a permanent record would be public and the incentive instead of competing would be to produce the best possible outcome. Quality instead of gain. The way it should have always been. They way it was.

I have written about community, leadership, engagement, development, entrepreneurship, and blockchain before. This time I mentioned one of the thought leaders in the subject of blockchain and the fact that this is a movement more than just technology, investment, price, Lambos, moon, or any other combination of words that reflect “money.”

If you don’t know about Blockchain I suggest you visit Consensys Academy to learn more. If you want to learn about law and blockchain check Open Law where they a Building the Future of Law.

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‘Til next time. See you all in the blockchain.



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