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Entertainment: Everyone has a platform

Entertainment: Everyone has a platform

Ever since companies began establishing themselves things such as labels, logos, names, slogans, packaging, delivery, presentation, and quality were things that everyone would focus on.

Having a good product, and the above was all you needed. Then distribution and market share/penetration became the other aspect: The globalization. Then the study of consumers. Target audiences, demographics, segmentation, strategies. Diversification, publicity, ad campaigns, marketing campaigns, the return on investments and many other things in the equation of what makes a company be successful.

But 2018, almost all of the marketing, advertising, sales, promotions, ads, communications is done through video designed with Call to Actions and incentives to click, share, promote, buy, get it now, and sense of urgency. How do you get a competitive advantage in placing yourself ahead of competitors and delivering your message in a unique way? Entertainment

Entertainment: What’s the big deal?

Entertainment has become such an important and key element in everything that companies such as At&t acquired DirecTV and now Time Warner. They stopped being just a telecommunications provider to become an entertainment company. Why? Because we live in a world where people want to be connected, entertained, engaged. We are social beings and as such we want to always be consuming content. When 3G came active with cellphones it was big because we could walk and chew gum. You could be talking on your phone and browsing the web. Then, we had a fourth generation/4G/LTE. This one was the big one. It came with the revolutionary incentive that, there was entertainment involved. Buffering went down, speeds were amazingly fast, and the growth was exponential. The fact that we could watch an HD film in a mobile device being streamed and no lagging issues were something that no one back in 2004 would’ve considered. Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms were key elements in this.

Now every influencer, company, political party, a non-profit organization, singers, fashionistas, bloggers, anyone is doing videos on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Trending because they want to share their message, bran, and unique value proposition by entertaining their audience.

They engage with their fans, followers, audience by doing videos, using hashtags, using MEMEs, doing contests, asking questions and later answering them on the same platform.

What’s in it for me?

The main problem with entertainment right now is that instead of being diverse and made up of many little, medium and big size studios, the little and medium-sized are being bought by the big and the gigantic ones. 

We live in a world where now Star Wars, the X-Men and Dragon Ball (in the U.S.) are from Disney. The problem with this is that now the company is focusing on merchandise and sales rather than story and hurt the biggest character development there was: Luke Skywalker. Although I liked The Last Jedi, mainly because of the same reasons everyone hated it, I wanted a last hoorah from Luke. I wanted him to go out as the greatest and biggest hero George Lucas made him be. 

Not with studios becoming more of a central idea and agenda, if like everything is a one size fits all. This is insane! We are already experiencing this with the CW Sitcoms where you see the same dialogue and happenings over and over again, except for the amazing cross-overs thanks to Stephen Amell’s ingenuity. 

Another issue is that now that they realize everyone streams and likes Netflix, they all want to compete with Netflix and have started creating their own versions of streaming platforms creating the exact same issue that everyone had with Cable and Satellite TV providers. I want to watch X show which is in Y platform, as well as Z show which is in the B platform. Y platform costs $14.99/month while B costs $9.99. Then I want Netflix, which will raise the price to $15.99/month and Hulu will be $5.99 (dropped since Netflix announced the raises.) Then I have Amazon prime which is $119/year and let’s add Spotify because we need music, $9.99/year.

$14.99 + $9.99 + $15.99 + $5.99 + $9.99 = $56.95 on Streaming Services/month. But don’t forget; you need internet service! Add another $60/month. 

In the end, there is nothing but a pain for the consumers, for the content creators, musicians, bands, singers, composers. Unless you are a big name that you get to ask for a rate and you are paid for it immediately, you simply have to play by the rules of these companies. 

The consumers cancel on and off the subscriptions or simply put them on their credit card and forget about the charge. They believe that every stream is a support for the artist or simply that it will help the show or platform to continue creating more content but this is becoming more complex and complicated with every passing year. 

Every company now wants to be in the entertainment business one way or another. At&t has done it. Amazon from being a Book Seller online has done it. Netflix from mailing DVDs has become a leading powerhouse. 

Now we have new entertainment companies with new promises of transparency and ownership for the creators and the consumers utilizing Blockchain technology. 

What does the future hold? A promise. Creators and consumers are tired of playing by the rules of the corporations and faceless companies with the mindsets of the 20th Century. A new dawn for entertainment, an evolution for technology is coming. 

Entrepreneurship, Blockchain, Entertainment and Human Behavior are joining forces to kickstart the heart of the new ear. 

Until Next Time, see you all in the blockchain. 


How Apps, Heroes & Entrepreneurs are the same

How Apps, Heroes & Entrepreneurs are the same

While Coopetition is a term initially used in the financial industry, this concept has quickly been adopted by tech companies, entrepreneurs and you can find it as great examples in superhero movies genre.

I have written before about cooperating in 3 Reasons to Build Community and Building Community, in which I expressed the importance of working together for a common goal, how strong that project, the entity could grow and become with the unison of people around them and how these community members become your family, you innovators, early adopters, and word-of-mouth marketing bringing in people organically so the growth of the idea spreads like a virus…in a good way.

Creating your own League or Super Group

We know of Avengers, Justice League, Fantastic Four, X-Men and even the Power Rangers in someway…also Guardians of the Galaxy of course! These heroes get together because each of them has unique qualities that together make them a powerhouse to take down the common enemy facing any situation and beating the odds. Of course, this is fantasy.

Applications and software have integrations, APIs and webhooks that allow them to interact, talk to each other by sharing data from one platform to another. Just like we as humans do when we visit a different household, state, country, continent. We learn the culture, the says, expressions, dos and don’ts etc.

Entrepreneurs have a very unique way of seeing things. They each possess a mental strength and a state of mind that sets them apart from the others. We know that salt has an effect and sugar has another. But sometimes mixing them both add a unique flavor or exalts the other based on the ratio you have of one over the other.

Go to Twitter and follow a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, author. Through them, you will get into their community and learn about other authors, bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs. They support each other in their own ventures, businesses and courses they are launching and feature each other in their books, newsletters, and podcasts. They each have their own brand but you start taking them more seriously when you realize that someone like Seth Godin writes a recommendation for their book or Tony Robbins talks about them in his Twitter or Instagram.

They cooperate with each other, integrate their brands, their philosophies, influence, reach, marketing efforts and fuse their communities to create something better and more appealing: Unique Value Proposition. It’s no wonder when you hear about conferences in which two or more of these entrepreneurs who know each other participate, the value and price makes sense. Ask Jeff Goins with his Tribe Conference, sadly enough, this year will be the last one.

The Avengers were formed to fight the world’s most dangerous enemies. The guardians of the galaxy were rebels in the space united by a common foe and situation. The Justice League was created because the need to battle an invasion coming to planet earth. None of the heroes lost their own identity or franchise by belonging in the new group they joined.

Most of the of the applications nowadays have a way of entertainment and social sharing so you can let everyone else know what you are doing and interact with them. The same can be said with the entrepreneurs and businesses nowadays striking deals and adding value while each continuing on their own path.

So what’s next?

I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that we are seeing the birth of the real power of the internet where people instead of thinking individually are thinking collectively and how one situation can affect a person, group, community, society as whole positive or negatively.

We can create much more when we collaborate and work together in an united front rather than thinking that it’s “Me vs The World.” Because even when society, the town, and many people have turned down outcasts, outlaws, and such, there is someone that will believe and follow you for what you are doing. The rap group NWA is a great example of that.

Always look for those who are willing to walk along with you so you can build solid foundations for yourself and together and grow in each of your own path.

Join me in my new community for Entrepreneurs. Let’s build our own League.

See you all in the blockchain


Flickapp: Best Community & Groups App

Flickapp: Best Community & Groups App

I have been participating, developing, engaging, and managing online communities ever since 4chan. Communities are what made businesses, brands, influencers, authors and entrepreneurs be able to succeed as these are fans that align with your message, what you have to say, consume your content, product and services and provide instant feedback.

Individuals such as Michael Hyatt, Paul Jarvis, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan and Jeff Goins have talk about this in many occasions. They have used social media to create exposure and grow. With the arrival of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Cryptocurrencies, many of these projects gain popularity thanks to word-of-mouth and the fact that communities were available.

Across the globe many people could join the project’s slack or telegram group and start talking with the staff, other followers or token holders, and create discussions that could help the project grow and further their goals.

But these apps and social media have had many issues that result in problems for both the community and the staff. Whether it’s been hacking, impersonating, cybersecurity issues, or terms and conditions where you are censored from discussing the topic of your niche market because the social media platform doesn’t like it and now you are not able to continue with your content.

These platforms and applications have proven that they are good for simple communication but not for the Community Building or Group interactions needed now a days.

Flickapp to the rescue

The new way to hang out

With a very simple, intuitive and elegant UI, Flickapp lets you quickly sign up with either your email, Google account, or with phone

With a very simple, intuitive and elegant UI, Flickapp lets you quickly sign up with either your email, Google account, or with phone

The main screen is pretty forward. Your profile picture, envelope for Private Messages. Tap on the group you want to participate. The topics of the group and Add People to copy the URL or invite your contact.

Simple and straightforward process to invite people to the group.

Creating a group is extremely easy. Name, Purpose and Group Avatar. Simple!

I love the fact that you can set group notifications within each topic in a group. If there is a subject that you have no interest on being up to date as others in the group, you can turn off the notifications.

Flickapp has become my new favorite app for group and community discussions with friends, and people of many different interests. Right now I created three groups that I am building to grow communities organically and we can learn and grow together.

I would like for you to join and grow them along with me so we can create our own tribe of thoughtful leaders:

See you all in the blockchain.


Of Blockchain and Project Management

Of Blockchain and Project Management

Back in 2008 with the Bitcoin Whitepaper released, a light in the midst of the darkness, with the market crash that happened, came to be. Cryptocurrency quickly became the next thing while Social Media and smartphone adoption, as well as cellular networks, were being upgraded from 2G to 3G and quickly moving to LTE. Mostly everyone was just trying to get onto facebook, understand twitter, blogging, youtube, create and develop apps whilst the blockchain was being develop.

It took time until people realized it was not a scam, at least no the Bitcoin and Ethereum or other blockchains. Then came the ICOs, Initical Coin Offerings for Bitcoin Blockchain or TGE, Token Generation Event for the Ethereum Blockchain as these were programmable to have functionalities thanks to the smart contracts.

With so many projects coming and going, the volatility of the markets, prices going up and down, the growth of the companies so quickly affected created problems in developments. Sometimes having too many cooks in the kitchen can crease issues. Clear establishment of who’s who, who’s responsible, who has the final call, how are things to be work, and some governance and structure is heavily needed in order to actually make things occur such as develop, code, market, implement, test, debug, while providing progress reports.

Almost every blockchain company didn’t have a normal corporate or regular company structure because this was the new world so it could be shaped in a new way. It didn’t have to be so rigid and instead of having bosses, leaders, and such, everyone was to work together. Problem here was there was no clear path, structure, or who’s who other than the guy who hired you, who signs the paycheck or CEOs or president of the company.

Fall of a Dream

When the fall and winter of 2018 set in, the prices of Ethereum and almost every other token or coin in crypto went down heavily. If you had had a TGE or ICO in 2016, two years later with 50+ employees in staff, more than likely your payroll was taking quite a hit.

Some CEOs and Presidents of the companies had to reevaluated their efforts and the allocation of resources. Here are two of those examples:

While I don’t know the specific reasons, the money allocation of these two companies or the other blockchain projects that had to do this, one thing I can say one thing for sure: Project Management would’ve help…a lot.

Project Management for Decentralization

When people hear about project management some thing it is mainly about excel spreadsheets, pressure, deadlines, productivity, budgets, quality, and many other things. But mainly, a heavy pressure to deliver the meeting targets and deadlines, sometimes unrealistic, from the Project Manager who may or may not have the knowledge of the industry, the actual skills to communicate properly and inspire personnel, or simply: has been assigned the role but doesn’t know anything about PMI or the first thing about project management using all the incorrect tools and mainly mindset along the way.

Blockchain is mainly for the people by the people to provide the people a richer, cleared and more transparent way of services and assets using technology. It can be also used to create a real democratic governance and take us to the final frontier before reaching singularity, or at the very least, hold each person accountable to the commitment they made.

Many times over resources were not done appropriately on some of the blockchain projects, and in many cases big corporations, because they didn’t go through processes that would help them start their project correctly.

If you take a class of Project Management in order to later on request the certification exam, you’ll be taught that there are Knowledge Areas, a total of 10, and Process Groups, five in this case.

Process Groups are the following:

  • Initiating – Is the process of understanding why are we creating this in the first place. Why are we being given the resources, asking for money, and going on about this. During this process, there is also the initial meeting where the individuals involved in the project are to meet and understand that there is a Project Manager and that this PM will be in charge and held accountable and will hold accountable those involved in the project.
  • Planning – The most important part of the process. This is where every expert involved in the project will come up with the ground rules.
    • Software to use for tracking and communication. Slack or Whatsapp (please use Slack.)
    • Report days
    • Forms to use
    • Email Formats
    • Processes to comply with regulations
    • Processes from Marketing
    • Processes from HR
    • Manpower required
    • Define the requirements for each department
    • Define deliverables to close the project and confirm we have achieved this.
  • Executing – With the Planning done we know what we need to do and execute. The plan is set and the cards being dealt to the players. We have
  • Monitoring & Controlling – This is where we will be confirming is we are on target, ahead or below in time and resources allocation to confirm time, money and quality are up to par.
  • Closing – When deliverables are completed we are able to complete the project.

This is but a very simple summary in theory of Project Management. I have seen people go from Idea to Executing then Planning then Monitor & Control, then back to Planning, Executing, Trying to Close and seeing that the rules were not set so there was big problem in communication and the quality that was expected in the deliverable. Hence why the process, while it ma seem tedious to some, it simply works because it provides focus to each individual part and you’re setting your project for success from the beginning.

What many people have seen is that there are many people jumping onto the ship of decentralization with the mentality of revolution, anarchy and “let’s show them.” In many occasions without proper counsel from legal, marketing and or senior advisors to make sure that there are clear milestones in the path ahead by creating a roadmap for success that everyone within the organization can work towards to helping build the Ethos rather than just using the word without proper sense. It is one thing to have character and another to be “quite a character” when it comes to running a company or what type of identity the company or project goes with.

Knowing the destination, understanding the Why, thanks to Simon Sinek for Star with Why, will help any organization, team, project, task force, move towards the real goal you all decide and agree upon.

Project Management is not a template mindset. It’s a leadership mindset that is meant to be exercised every moment by guiding the teams, making sure it is a well running machine, no redundancy or double efforts are being done that could case loss of time, revenue, and even morale.

Until the next time, see you all in the Blockchain


4 Lessons I learned as an Entrepreneur from Rocky Balboa

4 Lessons I learned as an Entrepreneur from Rocky Balboa

“Yo’ Adrian, I did it!

Rocky Balboa

I grew up watching Rocky films on TV in Telemundo. I would always get mesmerized and excited with the training sequences, the jabbing, the fights, and overcoming the opponents.

Rocky IV was the most watched in my household. I loved this movie because, to me, it has the best soundtrack, even thought it doesn’t haven Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” But it does have “No Easy Way Out.” Which in my opinion has a deeper meaning and hits home every time I hear it.

Entrepreneurs need to deal with many things throughout their plans, projects, tasks, habits and such. Accounting, legal, human behavior, marketing, sales, technology, public speaking, time management, relationship building, public relations, customer relations, interpersonal skills, fitness, diets, etc. But the one thing that we all need to continuously work and fight with is thyself.

The Shadow of Doubt

Many entrepreneurs battle with depression, impostor syndrome or struggle with other things. I am not an expert of those subjects and I have had my share of struggles with some of them. I have learned to recognized and pivot from the train of thought that they can lead or take you on. I have decided to stay healthy as much as possible and part of that start with mindsets and habits. But, it is not easy for everyone and it does take effort and commitment.

The main thing is whether we decided to stay in the shadow of doubt, which is the coined term I have given for comfort zone, or we move towards the light, the discomfort zone.

Moving towards the goals, the light at the end of the tunnel is exciting and more than often challenging. Takes a toll on us and it certainly does drains energies if we surely don’t have the proper training or the right mentality.

Rocky Mindset

Rocky always had a way of just being the optimistic and charming guy who wanted to stay with his wife, family and fight. His life was led by his passion and his passion was the physical representation of what entrepreneurs endure.

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

Rocky Balboa

While the quote above may sound harsh, it is quite real. Life is hard, only if we decided to allow things to get out of control and not face the things, challenges, opportunities, and possibilities that present ourselves to make us better, to help us.

New projects, goals, habits, business ventures create tension, friction and definitely a pressure upon ourselves that no matter how hard we try, we have to face it. It is only by facing this hard discomfort, these fears, that we are able to learn and grow. They serve as catalysts, helping us go up the ladder to a new level so we can grow as individuals, professionals and as that role we are executing whether it is as a business owner, team leader, parent, brother, minister, community manager, project manager, entrepreneur, marketer.

The Rounds

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life.” 

Rocky Balboa

There are 12 rounds in boxing. There are 12 weeks in a quarter. There are 12 grades from elementary, junior high, and high school. Each Round, week, and grade get tougher but every round prepares you for the next.

You have your winter, summer, and perhaps depending on where you live, other types of breaks to enjoy life somehow. But, when you go out to the world where you are building your career, facing the bosses, the clients, the pressure sometimes it can definitely feel like you are taking the biggest beating and can only catch a break when the bell rings. But that round took everything out of you.

Sometimes we are about to throw the towel, and just admit we can’t pull it off. We are not made for this. We decide to just stay put and not do anything else. In all seriousness, sometimes we get ourselves into fights/projects that are tough, complicated, and will take strong wills, commitment and most importantly, the correct mindset and the most solid self-esteem. These are the key elements into making sure an entrepreneur can carry on with their mission, their vision, task, project, and make it happen.

Ali was a fierce fighter. Both physically but even deadlier when it came to psychology. He would disrupt his opponent’s focus by shaking his very core, beliefs, and mindset. Anyone can fight. But being able to maintain the calm, control the emotions, and still be able to focus on delivering while being in the heat of the moment – Cue Asia’s song – facing your opponent and as cliché, as it may sound, seeing the eye of the tiger, if you’re able to control yourself you can go round after round and finish the fight.


I’ve learn that winning is all about mentality. You can either let other things define your success, or you can just define yours. When you read Seth Godin’s amazing blog, you stumble on gold-nuggets such as Don’t Steal Metrics where he expresses:

It’s worth finding your metrics.

Seth Godin

In the end what we do and how we do it, is up to us. Listen to advice. Learn from the best. Face your opponents and challenges head on. But mainly, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are out to get it. Motivate the motivator. Turn the engine on and keep that passion alive.