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3 Ways to Keep Pushing Forward

by | Apr 27, 2020 | 1 comment

Through this blog, I am Pushing Forward.

While today I had planned to go out and have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, enjoy a nice glass wine, eat delicious food, spent time with my family and hear my daughter sing, the reality we are living in 2020, individuals, companies, businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs, is completely different

You see today is my birthday and for the first time in many years, I felt like celebrating it. I had a plan and a budget for it. I knew exactly who I was going to invite to my dinner party and how I wanted to spend my evening.

But due to the pandemic we are living, my plans, like many others and perhaps even you, were canceled.

It is very easy to get discouraged, succumb to despair, and just give up on everything if we focus on the negative.

What if decide to focus on the better things? What if we decide to carry on?

In just three minutes I felt refreshed, renewed, and re-engaged with the world.


If you have children in your household, more than likely, the daily challenges are to keep them entertained, schooled, fed, and at peace, especially when they are about to get to our last nerve.

My daughter is two, she misses her daycare teacher and buddies, and while we try to keep her active, engaged, doing activities as much as we can, thankfully we have a backyard we can go to, she gets bored and angsty.

One night she was just cranky, hungry, tired, and was not cooperating. One night she just made me lose my cool and I realized I had been building up too much stress because of my clients, the situation, the issues, the bad sleep, the anxiety of wanting all of this to end.

I grabbed my phone went to my office, put my Air Pods on, and open the Balance app.

In just three minutes I felt refreshed, renewed, and re-engaged with the world.

Meditation is a way to help truly help the brain, mind, body relax. Simple breathing exercises, focusing on the breath, not slouching, and sitting upright has made wonders for me.

The Balance app gifted a full year of its service to everyone due to the current situation we are living in.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT associated, partnered nor am I receiving anything for this mention. 

I flow throughout my day as it develops


When I say Flow I mean to go with the flow.

I flow throughout my day as it develops. Since the wife was laid-off and is at the house she is mostly taking care of our child while I am in the office.

Obviously they play, watch movies, and do puzzles, and sometimes I want to be part of that and decide to prioritize my work so I can join them even if for a bit.

There are days that I am just overwhelmed by the whole thing and quite frankly don’t want to do anything at all. So I just go with the flow, take breaks, watch some Netflix, play some PS4, and perhaps go back and do some more.

The reality is there is no deadline. It is just a competition with myself.


I do plan my days, the week, tasks for the projects I am currently working on.

Working smart has been the best decision I’ve made and because of my organization and processes, I have been able to take clients and work with multiple simultaneously.

However, as I do have my agenda and plan my days, there are moments where I don’t check everything off and I decide to just flow. I have wanted to finish a Website for the past two weeks. The reality is there is no deadline. It is just a competition with myself.

Thus, I decided to ‘Let It Go’ and while I know it is supposed to be done soon, I feel more relaxed and whenever I do work on it, it’s fun and not work.

We can be our biggest friend and motivator or our own worst enemy.


The main thing is because of the plans, the flow, and the meditation I have been able to stay calm, keep being productive, enjoy myself, let myself go, acknowledge what I’m feeling when I feel something.

Understanding and working with yourself if one of the hardest things any one of us can do.

We can be our biggest friend and motivator or our own worst enemy.

While I am not keeping tabs on my results, one of the benefits I have noticed has been:

  • Appetite for good food
  • No Insomnia
  • Waking Up early, refreshed, renewed, and creative.
  • Better humor
  • No back pain
  • No migraines.

While today might be a day that I felt overwhelmed because Mondays are usually the busiest days of the week, I am relaxed, aware of the situation we are living, but able to go through thought processes in a much better way.

How are you dealing with the whole quarantine? How are you doing?

Let me know in the comments below, reach out on social media or send an email using our contact form.





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