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Mikel Media

Puerto Rican based Production Studio venture created for the evolution of the entertainment business industry coming in the near future.  Help independent artists, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, connect with their audience and build a community of passionate followers.

About Mikel Media

Mikel Media while founded in 2018, it’s an idea that came to me while in college. Create a business that caters to artists and entrepreneurs to educate, entertain, and connect with their ideal customers, their fans, their community, while maintaining creative control and protecting their intellectual property.

Having an Entrepreneurial Spirit & Mindset, Mikel worked with different artists, companies, and various projects that served him to become the Professional Chameleon needed to adapt and scale according to business needs.

Mikel Media comes from an artist and entrepeneur’s mind, heart and soul, for artists and entrepreneurs. It is my goal to help you create the platform of your dreams and succeed.

Mikel Martinez

Mikel Martinez


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