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Develop a brand that builds trust, engagement, relationship with your customers. Your Brand is a feedback loop between all parties involved in developing and growing the products and services. 

Performance Alnalysis

Analyze your current business and marketing strategy in order to understand the scope of the project to identify the areas of opportunities and develop the brand of your project.

Community Management

Servicing and catering to your audience, hosting digital engaging events such as AMAs, customer service, social media management, or content creation.

RoadMap & Strategy

The different cycles of the story, the branding, project and product will be presented in a cohesive manner based on

Pushing Forward: The Mindset for the Professional Chameleon

Individuals who want to go beyond their comfort zone while understanding they are not the general managers of the universe. Success is their adrenaline rush!

Entertainment: Everyone has a platform

Ever since companies began establishing themselves things such as labels, logos, names, slogans, packaging, delivery, presentation, and quality were things that everyone would focus on. Having a good product, and the above was all you needed. Then distribution and...

How Apps, Heroes & Entrepreneurs are the same

While Coopetition is a term initially used in the financial industry, this concept has quickly been adopted by tech companies, entrepreneurs and you can find it as great examples in superhero movies genre. I have written before about cooperating in 3 Reasons to Build...

Flickapp: Best Community & Groups App

I have been participating, developing, engaging, and managing online communities ever since 4chan. Communities are what made businesses, brands, influencers, authors and entrepreneurs be able to succeed as these are fans that align with your message, what you have to...

Of Blockchain and Project Management

Project Management, the process to Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Deliver a Quality Product, could Moon success to Blockchain Projects

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