I have been participating, developing, engaging, and managing online communities ever since 4chan. Communities are what made businesses, brands, influencers, authors and entrepreneurs be able to succeed as these are fans that align with your message, what you have to say, consume your content, product and services and provide instant feedback.

Individuals such as Michael Hyatt, Paul Jarvis, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan and Jeff Goins have talk about this in many occasions. They have used social media to create exposure and grow. With the arrival of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Cryptocurrencies, many of these projects gain popularity thanks to word-of-mouth and the fact that communities were available.

Across the globe many people could join the project’s slack or telegram group and start talking with the staff, other followers or token holders, and create discussions that could help the project grow and further their goals.

But these apps and social media have had many issues that result in problems for both the community and the staff. Whether it’s been hacking, impersonating, cybersecurity issues, or terms and conditions where you are censored from discussing the topic of your niche market because the social media platform doesn’t like it and now you are not able to continue with your content.

These platforms and applications have proven that they are good for simple communication but not for the Community Building or Group interactions needed now a days.

Flickapp to the rescue

The new way to hang out

With a very simple, intuitive and elegant UI, Flickapp lets you quickly sign up with either your email, Google account, or with phone

With a very simple, intuitive and elegant UI, Flickapp lets you quickly sign up with either your email, Google account, or with phone

The main screen is pretty forward. Your profile picture, envelope for Private Messages. Tap on the group you want to participate. The topics of the group and Add People to copy the URL or invite your contact.

Simple and straightforward process to invite people to the group.

Creating a group is extremely easy. Name, Purpose and Group Avatar. Simple!

I love the fact that you can set group notifications within each topic in a group. If there is a subject that you have no interest on being up to date as others in the group, you can turn off the notifications.

Flickapp has become my new favorite app for group and community discussions with friends, and people of many different interests. Right now I created three groups that I am building to grow communities organically and we can learn and grow together.

I would like for you to join and grow them along with me so we can create our own tribe of thoughtful leaders:

See you all in the blockchain.


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